compassion. a brief definition.

by kittery


Compassion…it’s about not being an asshole when it’s easy. It’s about stifling your snotty, oh-so-hilarious quips about someone else, and taking the effort to listen to them when they need it. It’s about shushing the judgmental monologue in your head, making room for another person. Actually listening to them, rather than just setting up the next joke in your head. It’s about realizing they’re going through things in their life that you wouldn’t want any part of. It’s the opposite of self-righteous. It’s about feeling powerless, but staying present, because you love them, and that’s all you can offer. It’s about being thousands of miles away from someone and letting them know you understand how they feel. It’s about patience. So much patience. It’s the absence of prejudice and ignorance. It’s about honesty. Vulnerability. It’s about letting go when nothing else can be done. It’s unselfish. It’s the hardest thing in the world to practice sometimes. It’s something the world needs so much more of.